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Orchard Foods & Grocery began 2018 in Michigan in the heart of the Farmington Hills.


Our Mission

Our mission is to fulfill the needs of our customers in terms of hot foods and grocery. We are your one-stop shop, offering you the freshest produce, frozen goods, fresh halal meat, to deli style takeout. We take our commitment to the community seriously and we show it through the way we do business.

Our Vision

We will always dream big. We strive to be the most diverse supermarket in Farmington Hills and surrounding areas. Hoping to fulfill all of our customer needs and gaining more through our exemplary values.  

Our Values

We believe in the value of hard work and maintaining customer happiness. Our customers are what makes us. Without you, the customer, we have nothing. 
Our core values are:

~Customer focus

~Excellence and enthusiasm

Which happens to spell C.A.R.E. and we do!!

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