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In the Supermarket

A comprehensive one stop shop for all of your Mediterranean needs. Proud to be 100% Halal throughout the entire grocery. Our dried goods are wide in variety, offering low prices on rice, spices, Arabic style tea, herbal tea, frozen foods, seeds, nuts, and anything else you could think of. Orchard Food and Grocery will always work hard for you. So come in and let our friendly staff assist you in anything.

We are extremely proud to offer you the finest quality and freshest selection of 100% Halal meat. Our prices are competitive because we want you to choose us. In visiting our meat shop you can choose between beef, chicken, lamb, goat, turkey, duck, and more. Our special steak cuts stay inclusive to their kind. None of the meat comes to our store frozen, everything is prepared for our order fresh, and with the demand of what our customers want. 

Butcher Hanging Beef

Our handpicked fruits and veggies come in fresh every day. We are a diverse community and we want to make sure everybody can find their traditional produce with us. 


Hungry right now? Visit our deli style restaurant! Authentic Mediterranean food made to order. We pride ourselves on the love we put into the food we grew up with. Our cooks gained their culinary master from generations of family recipes. Our kitchen is your kitchen except you don’t have to do the work. Of course everything is 100% Halal so come have a quick bite with us, take something on the run, or place a catering order for your next event. 

Fresh juices and sweets everyday.

Freshly Squeezed Juice

Our bakery offers an assortment of goodies. Pick up some fresh Iraqi bread for dinner or place a catering order for your next party. Safiha, spinach pies, cheese pies, and one of our favorites ma’arook available in many different flavors. 

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(248) 516-3121 / (248) 516-3120
28944 Orchard Lake Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48334
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